Why do you use pre-paid bookings instead of reservations?

At Canvas, we focus on quality, not quantity, so we use pre-paid bookings to help give you the best possible experience we can. This way, we know exactly who we're cooking for and we can focus on the guest.

What does my ticket include?

When you dine at Canvas, your ticket includes your entire experience, including the service charge and any supplements you may have purchased. This allows you to be able to come in, sit down, enjoy your meal and go home.

Why is a service charge added?

Service is an incredibly important part of your experience and, since we sell pre-paid tickets, the 18% service charge ensures that there is no need to have money on your mind at the end of your meal.

Can I get a refund once purchased? Can I exchange my booking for a different night?

Unfortunately not. Just as with attending a sporting event, concert or the theater, all sales are final. We cannot cancel your ticket or reschedule it for another night. If you cannot come, we recommend that you transfer your bookings to someone else. https://medium.com/tock/transferring-bookings-24cd23d3b3e6#.wphazub06

Can I give my booking away or sell it?

You absolutely can! The booking is completely transferable. Although, keep in mind, selling the ticket for more than face value is illegal, so we recommend selling it for the price you paid. Anyone who purchases a ticket from another patron should take care to ensure that they have a received a formal transfer of the ticket through the restaurant's official website. Any tickets purchased on the secondary market are at the purchaser's risk. We cannot accept responsibility for forgeries or misrepresentations. https://profile.tocktix.com/#/login?continue=account.tickets

How do I transfer my booking?

To transfer a ticket, log in to your account, go to the "My Account" area using the upper right navigation pane and select "Your Bookings". Each ticket has a transfer button next to it. https://profile.tocktix.com/#/login?continue=account.tickets

Have additional questions?

If you have additional questions about Tock or your reservation, please visit the Tock help page.


Springfield, Missouri

At Canvas our focus is to offer local and native ingredients in a creative, tasting menu format. Chefs Drake Tillman and Hansel Herschend write menus that change with each season that are prepared in an intimate, comfortable setting to give you a unique experience. We see each menu as a blank canvas and the ingredients as the medium. We look forward to cooking for you.